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Moonlight film review and analysis. I cry so much sometimes i.

Moonlight A Film That Bounds Between The Intersections Of Race Class And Sexuality By Devyn Springer Medium

It uses light blue purple and then a darker purple y blue.

Moonlight poster analysis. The colours used in this poster are all very similar. Moonlight is a film about masculinity the wounds and crises of which are the same for all sexualities but conditioned by the background weather of race and class. Sinister s poster revealing small things about the film and key ideas in it but in a very subtle way.

This can be seen in the. The poster is good. The child could be seen as the victim in this poster or the very opposite since she is causing the face to appear on the wall.

The ink that the child is dragging forms the face of the antagonist mr boogy is black showing that the face must be evil and the colour of the black on the white is suggesting a loss of innocence childhood. Little then onto him as a teenager ii. This is represented by the poster by splicing the image between the three different versions.

Moonlight is a fever dream of emotionality a dark slice of interpersonal trauma dressed in vibrant color and an at times hallucinatory exploration of a developing soul in turmoil a being like a. The 4 basic design principles proximity alignment repetition and contrast can be seen throughout the poster and are used in a way to show what the film is about. Chrion then to him as a fully grown adult iii.

It begins with chiron as a child i. Feb 8 2017 10 min read i was certain that i would be waiting until march or even april before i could watch moonlight. The poster for moonlight was designed by steve reeves and was one of the most popular poster designs of 2016.

Moonlight is a film about a gay black man living in poverty and in a society that does not accept him the way that he is. The long retired german film stock was known for adding a cyan to the images highlights which is what gives the middle section of moonlight its greenish blue hue. Moonlight plays out through three separate stages in the character life.

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